Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) is mainly a volunteer-based organization (we have a few irregular part-time paid staff). We have more than two hundred registered volunteers, of which half are high school students.  Love and care for our community bring us together. Below is the list of regular participating members.  

东北费城公益协会 有 200 多名註冊志工。 一半是高中生。 對社區的愛和關懷讓我們走在一起。我們的工作主要由志願者完成。 以下是常出席參與的成員。

NEPCA Support Team 

Mingchu Pearl Huynh 
Founder | President | Project Director| 

About Our Founder Mingchu Pearl Huynh:

Mingchu Huynh is the president and founder of the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA). While served as a Chinese interpreter at Public Health Center 10,  Mingchu Huynh noticed the difficulties of many non-English Chinese immigrants, so she founded the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) in 2018 to help those in need. NEPCA’s  Mission is to support the Asian American community living in the Northeast Philadelphia Neighborhood, gaining equitable information and services and, at the same time,  to be contributors to the community.    

Connecting with 5,000+ Chinese residents on the WeChat social media network and regularly providing information and resource navigation, Huynh's remarkable dedication extends beyond her organization as she emerges as an influential advocate and a vital source of information for the growing Chinese community in Northeast Philadelphia. Huynh tackles a broad spectrum of issues, from aiding undocumented immigrants seeking municipal IDs to helping the community get food and COVID-19 vaccine. NEPCA has provided an invaluable support network, providing a strong foundation for the Chinese community connecting to public resources, and facilitating civic engagement participation to be active contributing members of the community. Huynh's outstanding efforts have garnered well-deserved recognition, catching the attention of mainstream media.  State Representative Jared Solomon has replicated NEPCA success service model to support other ethnic groups in his state district 202. As Northeast Philadelphia witnesses a substantial influx of immigrants, particularly a flourishing Chinese population, Huynh's work remains dedicated to facilitating their seamless integration and equitable access to essential services.    


The following links have information of Mingchu Pearl Huynh and her works in the Northeast Philadephia Chinese Association (NEPCA).

1) Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/6/2020

Extensive coverage about Mingchu Pearl Huynh and NEPCA.

2) Philadelphia Magazine, 11/2018

Article about the Northeast Philadelphia Immigrant Community and mentioned the  works of the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) and Mingchu Pearl Huynh: The Philadelphia Inquirer

3) New York Times,  7/20/2018

"Leaving New York to Find the American Dream in Philadelphia" article covered Pearl Huynh and The Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA).

4) Youtube: PHILADELPHIA news. Pearl Huynh received Awards from the City of PHILADELPHIA, April 2019

5) Mayfair Civic Association meeting on April 15, 2019

Pearl Huynh spoke up for Chinese residents.

6) Mingchu Pearl Huynh biography in Oral History Project

Interview with Mingchu Pearl Huynh, March 16, 2019

Interview Summary

Pearl shared stories of her transition from poverty to achieving the American Dream, growing up in boat people refugee camps, and discovering Buddhism. Pearl was determined to succeed after arriving in the United States, gaining an education, and working in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Since setting in Philadelphia, Pearl has discovered her passion for service and has worked on developing the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA).

Interview with Mingchu Pearl Huynh, March 16, 2019 

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