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Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) of Culture Trust

As the population in Northeast Philadelphia increases, due to an in short supply of social services as well as language barriers, many Chinese Americans living in this area face challenges in their daily lives. In order to focus on addressing the needs of this large group, to bring our engagement into the multi-cultural community of the area, and to enhance our participation and involvement in community services, the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) was founded and registered as a non-profit organization in Philadelphia in March 2018.

NEPCA will serve as an invaluable connector to bring the local communities together.  Our objectives are to facilitate communications and understandings among people with different backgrounds, to provide a forum to address common issues and social awareness, and to create opportunities for community engagements and services.  NEPCA will provide educational workshops and online information (in Chinese) to help people improve the quality of life, to promote understanding of American cultural and public policies, to increase knowledge of public resources, and to address the shortage and high demanding of English literacy programs.  With small but diligent steps, we walk by your side, support each one of you to adapt and to make your own contributions to the mainstream society, to live a healthy life with joy, peace, and dignity. As time goes by, we envision that the Chinese Americans in this area will work together with other local Americans to build a strong culturally diverse neighborhood and to bring prosperity to the northeast of Philadelphia. We believe that the existence and the value of Chinese Americans in this area will be highly acknowledged and greatly appreciated. 

Our Mission:

The mission of the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association is to support the Asian American community living in the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhoods achieving cultural, educational, and economic advancements and becoming contributors to the region. 


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Our Vision:

We aim to foster an engaging, multicultural community in Northeast Philadelphia for families, businesses, and neighborhoods in order to help non-English speaking immigrants live whole, healthy lives with joy, safety, and dignity. We envision that with time, they will work alongside other Americans to build a strong society. They will bring prosperity to Philadelphia and their existence will be valued and appreciated. 


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Our Impact 

Have 215+ registered volunteers and partnered with 60+ organizations 

Provided over 5,350 volunteer hours annually in 2021 and 2022 

Connected to 5,000+ Chinese individuals using the WeChat app

Helped navigate 180+ Chinese individuals to public services annually

Helped over 350+ individuals with translation and reading in English mail

Distributed 335+ winter care packages to the homeless and seniors

Helped 420+ residents obtain Philadelphia City IDs

Provides three free PSAT classes to 50+ high school students

Distributed 15 free bicycles to low-income individuals

Connected 30+ Chinese bilingual volunteers to local service partners 

Our Story:

In noticing the difficulties of many non-English Chinese immigrants during her time as a Chinese interpreter at Public Health Center 10, Mingchu Huynh found the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) in 2018 to help those in need. NEPCA’s  Mission is to support the Asian American community living in the Northeast Philadelphia Neighborhood achieving cultural, educational, and economic advancements, and being contributors to the region. 


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About Mingchu Huynh:

Mingchu Huynh is the president and founder of the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) of Cultural Trust. Huynh's remarkable dedication extends beyond these titles as she emerges as an influential advocate and a vital source of information for the growing Chinese community in Northeast Philadelphia. From assisting homeowners in acquiring rain collectors to aiding undocumented immigrants who seek municipal IDs, Huynh tackles a broad spectrum of issues. NEPCA has emerged as an invaluable support network, providing a strong foundation for the Chinese community. Huynh's outstanding efforts have garnered well-deserved recognition, catching the attention of State Representative Jared Solomon, who seeks to replicate her successful endeavors by extending similar support to other ethnic groups across Philadelphia. As Northeast Philadelphia witnesses a substantial influx of immigrants, particularly a flourishing Chinese population, Huynh's work remains dedicated to facilitating their seamless integration and equitable access to essential services.    

(Read more about Mingchu Huynh's endeavors via The Philadelphia Inquirer)


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