7/21/2022 Community discussion forum: Building a Safe Community Together

Building a Safe Community Together Discussion

By Pearl Huynh

On 7/21/2022, at the PATH Center, part of the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association's 3-year anniversary program is a discussion forum on the topic of "Building a Safe Community together".  Community members came together sharing concerns and discussing how to increase safety and live together in harmony. Participants shared experience and learned together.  

There were about fifty people from Chinese, Black, White, Latino, and Indian backgrounds participated in the discussion. In addition, representatives Eva Yuan and Anlin Wang from the Philadelphia City Council member Helen Gym and Kendra Brooks respectively, were also there to lead the discussion. 

NEPCA's president Mingchu Pearl Huynh moderated the discussion. About thirty members of the Coco Dance Sister team attended this discussion. A real case was brought up to address how the Chinese community in Mayfair can better protect themselves from adolescent crime and get acceptant by neighbors of different races. These are the issues that the Coco team has been facing all these six years in their own Mayfair neighborhood. 

Faith Melbane, staff of PATH center, suggested organizing a community block party, to get to know your neighbor. Other participants contributed feedback that even with the language barrier, a smile, a friendly gesture, and greeting, or an invitation to taste traditional ethnic food would bring people closer. In addition, get to know the parents of the problem kids and bring the issues to the parent's attention.  Pearl (NEPCA) has suggested the same to the dance sister teams in Mayfair throughout these years, but it is very helpful for the Chinese group to hear these suggestions from the black and Latino community members in this meeting. It gives encouragement and empowerment for the dance sisters to feel confident to reach out and connect...

Gasper Santos, a representative from Free Library suggested local Chinese agencies reach out and connect to local agencies that run youth programs to intervene with the adolescent crime. These agencies may be more effective in getting the kids' attention than the parents. 

An Indian businessman gave the suggestion that keeping a low profile and calm when the conflict happens can mitigate the issue. 

Tram Nguyen and Yuehong Xu from the South Philly Crime Victim Witness Services unit give out many tips to address and report hate crimes. 

The forum ended in a joyful and harmonious atmosphere, and everyone enjoyed NEPCA's anniversary cake. The Chinese participants who are residents of Mayfair and everyone else brought home good tips on how to build a safer community together. 

We wish everyone with Love, Peace, and Harmony.