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Fwd: Joint Statement against Racial and Ethnic Violence

Joint Statement against Racial and Ethnic Violence The  Mayor's Office of Public Engagement (OPE), the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI), and the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) released the following statement regarding racial and ethnic violence in Buff

Youth Workshop "Towards A Better Understanding of Mindfulness" 5/25/2022, 7 PM

  NEPCA encourages our Youth volunteers to attend this virtual workshop and will give two hours of volunteer credit. NEPCA youth volunteers should take the screen print of the Zoom/webinar registration, and a few screen prints when you attend this online workshop.   Then submit the hour and screenprint in this 'NEPCA Volunteer Accumulative Hour Record' google form and upload the screen prints. Here is the link: 7yrjEyFB2jE6Fdy59 Do put your feedback about the meeting in this form.  Workshop information:  Register: bcdzNiRv1LVwnmSK8 Asian American Coalition Mental Health Workshop Series,  SESSION #1:  High School Youth Virtual Workshop Date:  May 25 (Wed), 7 PM "Towards A Better Understanding of Mindfulness"   -  Debunking myths about mental health  -  Examining emotional wellbeing Specialist:  Cliff Akiyama, MA, MPH, LBS, FAAFS Zoom -  Meeting ID:  778 275 9439    Passcode:  1234 Inquiry Email:  renuka.jamalpur@jaisohn.or Prese

Partition for direct bus route connecting Philadelphia Chinatown and Northeast Chinese Neighborhoods

华人社区向SEPTA 提出请求建立一条连接费城唐人街和东北的直接新公交路线,因为这条公交路线将改善这两个华人社区的生活品质,如节省交通时间和成本,并可能提高安全性等。 网络会议时间:2022 年 5 月 12 日下午06:30至07:30 请扫二维码或使用此链接【注册】参加: 东北费城公益协会 (NEPCA) 敬启5/10/2022 Partition for a direct bus route connecting Philadelphia Chinatown and Northeast Chinese Neighborhoods Northeast is home to one of the highest concentrations of Chinese in the city, and many non-English speaking Chinese still rely on in-language, culturally competent services, and jobs in Chinatown. Chinese residents are partitioning for a direct new bus route connecting the Chinatown and Northeast Chinese neighborhoods, because this bus route would improve the quality of life of people living in both regions in terms of saving transportation time and cost and may improve safety, etc. Zoom meeting date: May 12, 2022, 06:30 PM You need to sign up for the meeting, please use this link: Northeast Phila. Chinese Association (NEPCA) community post 5/10/2022

NEPCA Mother's Day Greeting 母亲节快乐

Happy Mother day! Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) May 8, 2022 恭祝天底下所有母亲母亲节快乐! 东北费城公益协会 5月8日2022年 WWW.NEPCA.US