Current Works of Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) of Culture Trust (Update 6/9/2020)

Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) is a grassroots community-based non-profit organization under fiscal sponsorship of Culture Trust of Greater Philadelphia, a 501(c)(3) organization.
Our mission is to support Asian American community living in the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhoods achieving cultural, education, and economic advancements and to become contributors of the region.  
NEPCA Current activities include (update 6/9/2020)
-   Assist people find free food sources during COVID-19 pandemic. Organize food distribution sites. help seniors apply for food delivery.  Assist people in hardship via case work operation, bring food and connect them with services.
-  Solicit mast and sanitizer donation for Public Health Center 10, 2230 Cottman Ave. 19149;
-  Host neighborhood safety and gun ownership education seminars

Ongoing activities and recent accomplishments:
1.       Build communication network in Wechat social media to provide information to connect people with services in our City.  Act as liaison, provide support to various government offices and service agencies with document translation and interpretation and help the providers to reach out to Chinese residents in Northeast Philadelphia. 
2.       Provided English help station assisting Chinese residents read English mail, file Homestead tax rebate, register to vote, apply for energy assistance benefits, assist senior make phone calls, file simple forms; assist non-tax filing people apply for stimulus fund and etc.
3.       Complete one free SAT prep class for minority students; partnership with Northeast Academy Philadelphia to set up community computer lab and build up volunteer teams for community engagement.
4.       Promoted Rain Check program to help Northeast resident save water, beautify neighborhood and keep Philadelphia water's clean. Participants can get up to $2000 grants.
5.       Host Philadelphia City ID to assist minority seniors and immigrants gain government issued ID
6.       Host monthly workshops in cultural, education and wellness topics
7.       Support census events and educate Asian about census and voting rights. 
8.       Engage Chinese communities in forming Neighborhood Watch groups to ensure safety and prevent racist attack;
9.      Support service partners to send out important pandemic benefits and services and life saving information to Chinese community. 

Mingchu Pearl Huynh
Project director, Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) of CultureTrust
President, Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association  (NEPCA)
Phone: 215-839-6108 / 267-423-3323


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