Ping Pong game helps bring joy to Summer Camp Asian students

NEPCA Sponsor Youth Summer Camp Ping Pong Class

Asian youths face Asian hate social environments and family generation gaps that cause many Asian teenagers to develop mental health issues, which cannot be overlooked. The affected children do not usually open up to seek help and their families do not have enough awareness of the issues. The American Scholar Agency has published the study  "Investigation of the Depression Status of Asian American Adolescents" escalating the concern of mental health issues of Asian adolescents in Northeast Philadelphia (the link is provided below.) American Scholar's president, Mrs. Jessica Li, has discovered the ping pong sport has effectively provided mental relief to 20 of her summer camp students. The student's behavior changed from withdrawing to becoming engaged and interacting with each other. Their physical and mental well-being showed improvement. 

Jessica Li's testimony: "Ping pong is all the rage among (American Scholar) Asian American students in Northeast Philadelphia. These students are underprivileged and often have to help their parents in their family’s restaurant businesses — the sport of ping pong has become a refuge for many of these kids. Given the drastic rise in Asian hate crimes, we should increase our investment in this community, especially the younger generations as they deal with a higher incidence of mental health-related struggles." 

Therefore, NEPCA pledges sponsorship hoping the game would bring some joy and comfort to the students. 

Study: Investigation of the Depression Status of Asian American Adolescents