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livestream courtesy of : 东北区罗斯福大道地铁  市政会议 8 月 27 日 星期 六  上午 9 点 至 上午 10 点  來聽聽社區成員、當選官員和积极分子的意見吧 (英语讨论) ROOSEVELT BLVD SUBWAY TOWNHALL COME HEAR FROM COMMUNITY MEMBERS, ELECTED OFFICIALS, AND ACTIVISTS!  PATH CENTER, 1919 COTTMAN AVE,  PHILADELPHIA, PA 19111 (at Castor Ave)

8/18/2022 - PA Senator Tartaglione Community Picnic

   PA Senator Tartaglione Community Picnic Every year PA senator, Christine M. Tartaglione, would host a Community Picnic giving out free backpacks for children going back to school. NEPCA always supports and promotes Senator Tartaglione's event to the Chinese Community. On August 18, at Lawncrest Park, NEPCA provided Chinese interpretation and cleaned up after the event. Around 400 people attended the event and about 245 children got the backpack offered by the senator. People who joined this event were able to enjoy the food and children were very happy for getting new backpacks for school. 

8/12 - 8/13/2022, Free Bikes for the Needy 二手单车赠送

Knowing many low-income families in our community often have limited means of transportation, NEPCA wants to help. We connect with  the Guinan Family who is very kind giving out second-hand bicycles to the needy. On Friday 8/12 and Saturday 8/13/2022, NEPCA with the support of the Fujianese Church of Grace, distributed free bikes to 16 adults and children.  The bikes help recipients save time and more convenience going to places.   费城东北区的低收入家经常面临交通问题。 费城东北 公益协会 (NEPCA) 希望能有所帮助 改善这种情况。因此我们组织了免费自行车项目,向低收入家庭发放二手自行车。 2022 年的 8 月 12日星期五和  8 月 13日星期六,NEPCA 与 闽恩教会 合作,赠送了 16 辆自行车。这些自行车是由非常慈善的Guinan家庭提供的。有了自行车后,受助人可以节省时间和方便去想去的地方。