Fwd: Joint Statement against Racial and Ethnic Violence

Joint Statement against Racial and Ethnic Violence

The  Mayor's Office of Public Engagement (OPE), the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI), and the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) released the following statement regarding racial and ethnic violence in Buffalo, Dallas, and Laguna Woods:

"Last week's recurrence of racial and ethnic violence in Buffalo, Dallas, and Laguna Woods has reopened trauma wounds in our nation's marginalized communities. We mourn with those who lost loved ones in these tragic killings. We understand the deep pain that the nation feels when we see our brothers and sisters killed for doing nothing more than shopping while Black, styling hair while Korean, or worshiping while Taiwanese. In Philadelphia, we stand with our impacted communities and condemn all expressions of racist hate and violence; they have no place here and should not be anywhere in our nation. 

"No one should have to live in fear, nor should anyone have their future taken away from them. 

"The undeniable fact remains, there is a long history of racism against Black and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in this nation.

We know that these attacks were not simply about one misguided person losing his way or gun laws that make sense for today's world or the spread of toxic ideologies in remote corners of the internet.  Every day, those who have been systematically excluded from decision-making powers must continue to fight for their rights, dignity, respect, and safety in order to have a chance to live their lives to their fullest potential. 

"The violence that targets Black, Brown, Asian and other people of color whose mere existence is considered a threat has become our primary means for solving problems, settling conflicts, and discharging resentments, whether in Buffalo, Dallas, Laguna Woods, or in our city streets. We believe that racialized violence is not extremist at all—it is tragically routine in America. We must do a better job at connecting these dots.

"Enough is enough. Protecting lives requires more than the empty ritual of speaking up after the bloodshed. We must recommit to proactively doing the daily work to create communities of belonging. We must disrupt racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and anti-LGBTQ attitudes and activity wherever it exists. We must remember that even our policymakers cannot force us to be an America where everyone is valued. Our becoming is up to all of us, and we call on Philadelphians to continue to combat hate with love. Continue to call out racism when you see it and denounce dangerous and untruthful hate-based conspiracy theories.

"The weight of this violence falls disproportionately on communities of color, and we will not stand for it.  The Mayor's Office of Public Engagement, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations will continue to sound the alarm, while continue working alongside our most vulnerable communities to co-create a future built on care and justice, rather than subjugation and fear, where everyone feels they belong. We will continue to empower our residents to better engage with one another and with their government to ensure that everyone has a say in our collective future."

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供即时发布:2022 5 19 发布者:费城人际关系委员会移民事务办公室多元化、公平性和包容性办公室  联系人:Irene Contreras Reyes irene.contreras.reyes@phila.gov 

费城 公共参与市长办公室 (Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement, OPE) 和费城人际关系委员会 (Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, PCHR) 就发生在布法罗、达拉斯和拉古纳伍兹的种族暴力事件发表以下声明:




我们知道,对这些袭击事件的反省绝不能仅限于讨论误入歧途的凶手、对当今社会十分有意义的枪支管制法,或者在互联网上肆意传播的有毒意识形态。  那些被系统性排除在决策圈的群体每天都必须为权利、尊严、他人的尊重和自身的安全不断抗争,只为了有机会过上更美好的生活。” 


“我们不能再对暴力事件坐视不理了。保护生命不能只停留于悲剧发生后在空洞的仪式上发表义愤填膺的言论。我们必须再次做出承诺,在日常工作中积极主动地营造一个使人产生归属感的社区。我们必须在任何地方制止种族主义,对女性、外国人和 LGBTQ 群体的仇恨态度和相关活动。我们必须牢记,即使是我们的政策制定者,也无法强迫美国成为一个所有人都能得到重视的国家。只有我们自己可以,而且我们号召费城公民继续用爱来对抗仇恨。在听到种族主义言论或发现相关行为时继续加以制止,抨击那些危险、虚假,煽动仇恨的阴谋论。”

“有色人种族裔不成比例地承受着这种暴力,这是我们不能容忍的。  公共参与市长办公室,多元化、公平性和包容性办公室 (Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) 和费城人际关系委员会将持续敲响警钟,同时与最弱势的社区合作打造让每个人都感到有归属感的未来。它应该建立在关怀和正义,而不是屈服和恐惧的基础之上。我们将继续赋权于我们的居民,使他们能够更好地和他人以及政府互动,确保每个人都能对我们的共同未来建言献策。”

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