Dragon Boat Family Festival Celebration 庆祝端午节活动 6/5/2022; 10 am - 3 pm

Dragon Boat Family Festival Celebration

The Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) joined the American Chinese Museum (AMC) to organize the Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival, AKA "Duanwu Jie" for a family fun day and to promote intercultural understanding and build a safe community together. 
Date: Sunday   6/5/2022; From: 10 am to 3 pm
Location: American Chinese Museum (ACM)
7345-7347 Oxford Ave. Phila., 19111
There were about 350 people participated in the event. 
Among the VIP guests, PA Senator Tatarleone pledged state funds to support the culture programs of AMC. Police officer Mark Mzor gave out business safety information, and Abigal Xu from the Phila. Dept of Human Relations distributed good neighbor booklets and flier on how to report hate crimes and help in neighboring issues. People enjoyed the cultural performances, art, and craft demonstrations.  There were gluten rice wrap demonstrations, tasting, and everyone got a free tour of the American Chinese Museum. It was a happy event for all ages and American and Chinese alike. 

Host: The American Chinese Museum (ACM), www.usaacm.org 美国华人华侨博物馆
Co-host: Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association, www. NEPCA.US  东北费城公益协会