Saturday 3/12/2022 Northeast Philly Vaccination Popup Clinic


Let's get vaccinated in 2022! -Bring friends, family, and neighbors -Vaccines and boosters for adults and children 5 years and older - Enter raffle to win art prizes Where: Cafeteria of Solis-Cohen Elementary (7001 Horrocks Street, Philadelphia, PA 19149) When: March 12, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Register today!
Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture | @albustanseeds

Support partner: 

Northeast Phila. Chinese Association (NEPCA), provides onsite or over the phone interpretation 


免费COVID-19 疫苗接种. 不需要预约  

地点:Solis-Cohen 小学食堂, 7001 Horrocks Street, Philadelphia, PA 19149

时间:周六3 月 12 日 2022年,   上午 10 点 - 下午 1点

免费 提供给儿童5-11岁、青少年和成人的第一,二剂, 加强剂. 带上您的疫苗接种卡作为第一剂和第二剂的证明. 不需要保险,不需要身份证. *接受疫苗接种的民众还可以 参加抽奖活动,以赢取艺术奖品*

协助单位:東北費城公益協會 , 提供现场或电话 国,粤语通译 , 215-839-8247

如需更多疫苗接种诊所地点,请访问 For more clinic available, visit