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Philly Live NBC10 interview NEPCA & Coco Square Dance Team 东北费城公益协会,Coco跳舞姐妹上Philly Live NBC10 电视台节目

On Wednesday 2/16 at 11:45AM-12Am Philly Live NBC10 (Chanel 10.1) broadcast the interview with Northeast Philly‘s Ms. Wu Yue Xian of the Chinese Coco Square Dancing team and Ms. Mingchu Pearl Huynh of the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association at China Gourmet Restaurant. 2/16/2022费城电视台 Philly Live NBC10 (Chanel 10.1) 在金鼎酒楼访问Coco跳舞队的吴月仙老师和东北费城公益协会的 黄明珠会长。点击下面链接播放: > m/entertainment/philly-live/au nyea-lachelle-joins-chinese-sq uare-dancers-to-find-out-about -the-community/3149061/ Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) Mailing Address:  6331 Shelbourne St., Philadelphia, PA 19111 Phone: work: 215-839-6108; Cell: 267-423-3323 Email: Wechat ID: pearl6108 东北费城公益协会 旨在為亞裔人們獲得社會資源和資訊, 同時為文化差异和語言障碍做橋樑,輔持华人安家立業,豐富生活,和融入微信 PEARL6108

English Help Service Station Announcement 公益英文服务站通告

Service Announcement :                      Update 2/3/2022                                                               The 'English Help Service Station' for Chinese at 6401 Castor Ave. Phila. PA. 19149 is open from 9 am to 12 pm on Wednesday and Friday weekly.  This service helps Chinese residents interpret simple English letters, fill out forms (public assistance, utility assistance, voter registration, COVID vaccine records and test kits, etc.); apply for  homestead property tax deduction benefits etc. Contact Felicia at 215-379-8808.  This service is hosted by the Philadelphia Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) in partnership with the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) .   In addition, there is NEPCA's  WeChat hotline 'PEARL6108' allowing near real-time online inquiry and assistance.

Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) Lunar New Year greeting

Happy Year of the Tiger!