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政府发送免费居家 COVID-19 测试套件 Free COVID19 Test kits

  政府发送免费居家 COVID-19 测试套件 所有美国的家庭,有无身份,皆可以从 免费订购一份居家新冠测试套件。一份订单包括 4套单独的快速 COVID-19 抗原测试盒。 如果您住在公寓,记得填上公寓单位号码。不管到任何网站填写,不管谁的名字,每个住址只能得到一份。 您可以在此链接填写中文表格下订单: 东北费城公益协会转播 1、20、2022 Every US household with a valid address can order the 4 free covid test kits by using this link: Each address can only get 1 set no matter whose name made the request and what website you put in the order. Make sure you put in an apartment number if you live in a multifamily dwelling.  NEP Chinese Association community post 1/20/2022

Northeast Philly Vaccine clinic With Chinese Language Service


January - February Sunday Vaccine Clinics in Northeast Philly (Chinese - Vietnamese)

  【东北费城公益协会通告, NEP Chinese Association community Post 1/15/2022】 费城东北区儿童至成人疫苗接种活动  免费新冠疫苗接种,来时请携带身份证件。无需医保,但如果您有医保,请携带。 服务:5岁-11岁打辉瑞儿童冠疫苗  (两剂分两次打)。给12岁以上打 瑞辉, 12-17岁打辉瑞加强剂; 给成人 打辉瑞,莫德纳, 和强生 加强剂。  日期: 星期日, 2021 年 1 月2日, 9日, 1月 23日, 2月6日, 2月27日 时间: 下午2点至 3点 地点: 佛宝寺Phat Bao Temple 6427 Large St, Phila. 19149 已打辉瑞,莫德纳第二针5个月后或强生第一针两个月后皆可以打加强剂  预约方法:  请在下面链接打开线上中文表格自己注册 如不懂这些方法登记,您可向东北费城公益协会向志工联系求助:  微信:PEARL6108; 或于周三,周五 9点-12点联络刘女士:215-379-8808 Northeast Philly – Free Adults and Children COVID 19 Vaccinations  Location: Phat Bao Temple 6427 Large St, Phila. 19149  Time:Sunday 1/2/,1/9, 1/23/2022, 2/6, 2/27 2PM – 3PM; Booster dose is offered to children 12–17-year-old and all adults that had fully vaccinated Pfizer & Moderna 5 months and J&J for 2 months.  You need to show ID to received service; Insurance is not required but show proof if you have it. Please bring your COVID19 vaccine card with you if you had had one. You can make appointment using thi

1/8/2022 Northeast Phila. Vaccine clinic; offers adult and teenager booster dose

Northeast Philly - Adults and Children COVID 19 Vaccinations Free COVID19 VACCINE,  Location: Fa Yuan Temple, 6429 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149 on  Saturday 1/8/2022 , 9AM – 12PM Pfizer COVID19 vaccine for Children 5 - 11 years old and b ooster dose is offered for children 12-17 year old and adults that had fully vaccinated with Pfizer & Moderna after 5 months or  J&J after 2 months. No need to show proof of address, health insurance, or ID.   You can make appointment using this URL:     NEPCA inquiry phone: (215) 839-8247; This COVID19 vaccine event is hosted by the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) 东北费城公益协会, in partnership with Sunray Specialty Pharmacy, Philly Counts, and ChineseinUS PHL (CUP) 费城华人在美东, and ACB Buddhist Association Fa Yuan Temple. Happy New Year!