COVID-19 Vaccine Champion Training in Mandarin 新冠疫苗先锋培训线上讲座(国语)


COVID-19 Vaccine Champion Online Zoom meeting (in Mandarin)

Wednesday, May 24, 6 pm

Hosted by Philly Count Office 

Co-host: Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA)

Epidemic prevention is everyone's responsibility!

COVID-19 is a rare pandemic in a century. Vaccination can save lives. But there are still many people who have not been vaccinated or do not understand the importance of vaccination. For our health and happiness, we sincerely invite you to join us in the COVID-19 vaccine Champion training to get the latest information on the pandemic and vaccination and participate in promoting vaccination.

Vaccination can control the epidemic and allow us to return to normal activities, relatives and friends can get together, and the society will be again prosperous!


眼下新冠疫情是百年罕见的大病灾。打疫苗防疫能救命。但还有很多人因各种因素未打疫苗或对疫苗不了解。为了大家的健康和幸福,我们诚挚邀请您参加COVID-19 疫苗先锋培训来得到疫苗防疫最新资讯并参与推动疫苗接种。


费城⼈⼝普查办公室主办 COVID-19疫苗先锋培 训线上讲座(国语)

5 24 ⽇, 星期⼀,晚上 6 p.m.


或⼿机加⼊: 拨打+12678310333; 然后输⼊会议ID 89180058054

东北费城公益协会敬启 5/21/2021

Meeting recap: 18 Attendees Slide presentation from Philly Count is informative. Yu-shan Zhou gives a good presentation in Mandarin. NEPCA suggestions in the meeting: 1. Homebound vaccine service be extended caretaker of the young child 2. Make it mandatory for the employer to support worker to take off from work to vaccinate. 3. Make it mandatory for parents to allow their children get vaccinated.