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Result of NEPCA hosted Municipal ID event  on 6/1/2021: Involve 8 volunteers on-site and behind the scenes and at least a total of 100 volunteer hours effort in  Advertising, Google form, Appointment Scheduling and follow up, Event coordination, meeting, training, etc. 102 clients sign-up; 80 clients get the ID.  Thank all of our kind and loving volunteers for making this happen and thank to the support of the wonderful Mayor office ID processing staff.  Update: 6/2/2021   中文表格 City ID Chinese Application 英文表格 City ID English Application 费城市政府市民卡主要网页 City ID Main site Home Page - PHL CityID ( =======================================================

NEPCA Chinese Vaccination Service 4/1 & 4/22/2021 中文疫苗注射服务站

NEPCA works in partnership with PA State Officials to assist Chinese resident in the lower northeast get vaccinated on 4/1 & 4/22/2021  Processing result: