Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) 

Annual Summary:  2019 –2020

The Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) is a community-based organization established on 3/14/2018. NEPCA became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on 7/18/2019 under the fiscal sponsorship of Culture Trust of Greater Philadelphia. Our mission is to support the Asian American communities who reside in Northeast Philadelphia neighborhoods by promoting cultural, education, and economic advancements. Additionally, we are contributors of needed resources to the region.

Our boundary of service focuses on Oxford Circle (19149), Mayfair (19152) and Lawncrest (19111, 19120, 19124) neighborhoods, but our online virtual office and community networks can extend to Chinese residents throughout the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond.

We support community concerns and engagement, connect underserved immigrant communities with essential services and resources, build partnerships in order to provide information, deliver community service and educational programs. Our efforts have delivered health and wellness, reduced language barriers, bridged culture gaps, enrich lives and contributed to building a safe and vibrant community. For the most part, we are volunteers and our services are free of charge. Our projects are driven by the immediate needs of the community. Below is a summary of our accomplishments from August 2019 to August 2020.

Date Range



Description of Activities  (newest to oldest) 

August 2020

(On going)




Free HEP-B Test:

We work in partnership with the Hepatitis B Foundation to provide HEP-B education and sign up Philadelphia Asian residents for a free HEP-B test; setup HEP-B special interest group and assist with arrangement for follow up treatment.

June – Aug 2020

(On going)


-        Wellness

-        2

-        Free Masks for Health Center 10:

-        We raise funds to purchase masks and sanitary supplies for Philadelphia Public Health Center 10. Six thousand masks have been delivered from June to August 2020 and more to come from Chinese donors locally and over sea.  

May – August 2020

(On going)




          Info & Services

        3         -

      Free Food During COVID-19 Pandemic:

-     Early in the pandemic, NEPCA volunteers had made calls to  a hundred seniors to check their present health condition.  Assisted those who live alone to apply for a food box and home delivery of meals. Brought food to elderly before they received official help. Delivered food supplies weekly to two ill patients.


-      We worked in partnership with the Share Food program. Developed two food distribution sites in Castor Gardens and Mayfair neighborhoods in Northeast Philadelphia. Assisted the Fujianese Church, PCCC, and OCCCDA with their initial food site operation, recruited volunteers and informed residents. Both sites distribute fresh produce weekly to a thousand residents.

-      During the COVID-19 pandemic, NEPCA has provided information to assist thousands of Northeast Philadelphia residents finding free food.

July 2020

-        Info & Services

-        4

-        Financial Helps for The Under-privileged:

-        Assisted 23 nonresident immigrant families applying for the Philadelphia Worker Relief Fund via PCDC and OCCCDA agencies. Each family received an $800 grant.

-        Raised $200 fund to give emergency $20 gift certificates to the homeless and informed them how to apply for COVID19 stimulus grants. 

March – August 2020

(On going)

-        Info & Services

-        5

-        Online Information Services and Outreaching:

-        NEPCA has at least a thousand WeChat members and can also reach out to another ten thousand in the WeChat network.

-        Since the pandemic quarantine started, NEPCA’s virtual remote office has been in action. We work in partnership with Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC)  and City Agencies to provide COVID-19 information and assist residents seeking pandemic benefits such as unemployment, business grants, stimulus checks, health and safety, education, landlord-tenants, etc.   


-        NEPCA connected Philly Live and Chinese-in-US-PHL,  and Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) with our WeChat out reaching network. The connections enable these partners to impact many thousands of Chinese people daily and deliver information and services.

Jun 2018 – August 2020

(On going)


-        Info & Services

-        6

-        Chinese-English Bilingual Services:

-        NEPCA has provided free translation services to local governmental and nonprofit agencies so that important public benefit applications, brochures, flyers, and public notices can reach to thousands of local Chinese residents.


-        Before the pandemic, NEPCA English Help Station assisted Chinese residents with English language matters such as reading mails, making phone calls, filling simple applications such as Homestead tax reduction and voter registration.

-        We also connected PASSI’s Chinese bilingual benefit services and intern resources to support State Rep Jared Solomon’s office in order to serve the growing Chinese population in Northeast Philadelphia.

Feb-2019 – Aug 2020

(On going)

Info & Services


Support Census and Voting:

We support the Federal U.S. Census Bureau and Philly Counts agency with census outreach efforts. Serve as local eyes and ears to connect Census with local organizations to assist Census training and help people fill Census forms.


We are working in partnership with community organizations ongoingly assist residents with voter registration and voting information.

Feb  & July 2020

-        Edu/Civic

-        8

SAT Classes:

-        NEPCA worked in partnership with Community on The Rise agency offering two free online SAT preparation classes totaling more than 50 hours and helped 32 students increase their SAT scores anywhere from 150 to 290 points. Enhanced the course with a civic engagement requirement that allowed students to meet with leaders in public service fields and had volunteer opportunities to give back to the community.

March – June 2020

(On going)

-        Safety

-        9

Community Stability and Safety:

-        Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese residents have lived in fear of being attacked by others because of a bias associated with the term Chinese-virus”. We stabilize the community by delivering caring messages from local authorities to Chinese residents and denounce racist social media messages. In addition, we encourage Chinese to support the local communities by donating masks and hosting food distribution sites.

-        NEPCA has worked with local police precincts and the Town Watch office  and helped Chinese residents get organized to fight crime.  We promote ‘neighborhood watch’ action and advocate for responsible gun ownership through proper training by firearm specialists.

Feb 2020 - Ongoing

Health & Wellness


Clean Water and Green City:

NEPCA worked in partnership with Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS) to promote Philadelphia Water Department’s Rain Check program (rainwater regulation) to keep Philadelphia rivers clean and to build a green city.  We signed up more than fifty residents to participate in the rain check program. Participants received a rain barrel and some qualified for a grant totaling $2000 to build a rain garden.

Oct 2019 – March 2020

-        Info & Services

-        11

-        Low Income Energy Assistance:

-        NEPCA worked in partnership with Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA)  to provide one-stop-shop energy assistance for Chinese residents. Assisted ECA to develop a service site at Northeast Library to serve all residents.

7/2019 3/2020

-        Info & Services

-        12

-        Philadelphia Municipal ID:

-        Hosted three Municipal ID Mobile Station events helping two hundred Northeast residents get municipal identifications.

July 2019 – March 2020



Support Local Educator:

NEPCA supported Northeast Academy Philadelphia (NEAP)  during its business infancy. Connected NEAP with the local community, assisted with organizing parents into a volunteer support team, provided volunteer teachers, assisted with obtaining free furniture and 20 computers to set up a community computer training lab. 

March 2018 – March 2020



ESL Classes:

Due to a lack of ESL classes, NEPCA offered a free ESL class and assisted with finding classes in the local area. We were able to get educators’ attention and this resulted in additional classes for the immigrant population in Northeast Philadelphia.

August 2019

Info & Services


Senior $20 Voucher: 

NEPCA worked in partnership with Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) to give out a $20 produce voucher to a hundred Chinese seniors in Northeast Philadelphia.

Summer 2019



Chinese Community Survey:

NEPCA worked in partnership with American Scholar Group sponsoring local high school students to collect data on the needs of the Northeast Chinese communities. Participants bridged cultural gaps and gained insight into community issues. The findings have gained attentions and resulted in more public benefits and services accessible to not only Chinese but also to other immigrant communities in Northeast Philadelphia.


Agency Name: Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) of Culture Trust

Contact Name: Mingchu Pearl Huynh

Founder / Project director; Telephone: 215-839-6108 / 267-423-3323; E-mail:


NEPCA of Culture Trust Advisory Committee:

Andrew Dalzell ( Chief of Staff, PA State Rep.)

Anita Lyndaker-Studer (former CEO, OCCCDA)

James Wang (CEO, Asian Bank)

Jared Solomon (PA State Rep)

Lyndi Li (former candidate for Congress)

Maranatha Chung ( Pastor, Northeast Community Church)

Quyen Le (CEO, Indochinese American Council)

Richard Li ( CEO, Liberty Education Foundation)

Simon Liu ( Director, MyDoc Urgent Care)

Stephanie Sun (Commissioner, PA Governor Asian Affair)


               NEPCA’s Partners List

1              Americans Scholar

2              Asian American United (AAU)

3              Church of Grace to Fujianese

4              City of Philadelphia, Department of Commerce, Office of Business Services

5              City of Philadelphia, Managing Director's Office, Town Watch Integrated Services

6              Community on the Rise

7              Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA)

8              Feast of Justice

9              Federal U.S. Census Bureau and Philly Counts

10            Hepatitis B Foundation

11            Indochinese American Council - IAC

12            Mural Arts Philadelphia

13            Nationalities Services - NSC

14            Northeast Academy of Philadelphia (NEAP)

15            Northeast Regional Library

16            Office of Councilmember  Cherelle Parker

17            Office of Immigrant Affairs

18            Office of State Rep Jared Solomon

19            Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association (OCCCDA)

20            Penn Asian Senior Services - PASSI

21            Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) 

22            Philadelphia Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC)

23            Philadelphia Corporation for Aging - PCA

24            Philadelphia Department of Public Health - HC10

25            Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS)

26            Philadelphia Legal Assistance

27            Philadelphia Water Department

28            Senior Law Services - SLS

29            Share Food Program, Inc.

30            University of Villanova (UV)

31            West East Cultural Exchange Institute

Supporters Acknowledgements

We would like to specially thank our supporters who give us various contributions such as time, cash, and in-kind donations. They make possible for us to run our program services. Below is a list of supporters who have contributed value above $200 during 2019 to 2020.

Time Range

Donor Name  (Value above $200)

Type of Contribution



American Scholars




Asia Bank




Councilwoman Maria Sanchez




HK99 Realty




Jason Lam




Mabel Chen




New Shun Fa Food Inc.




Paramount Resources




Anh Huynh Family

In-kind donation

Signs & Printing


Temple University

In-kind donation

Furniture & Equipment


Tommy Liu

In-kind donation



Temple U. Hospital – Jeanes Campus Community Grant




Hepatitis B Foundation




J&M Window and Door

In-kind donation

Masks & Sanitizing Supplies


Liberty Education Foundation, LLC

In-kind donation

Office space


Muoi Chau

In-kind donation



NEP Chinese Chamber of Commerce (NPCC)

In-kind donation

Program sponsorship


Northeast Regional Library

In-kind donation

Program sponsorship


William Liu & Mingchu Huynh Family

In-kind donation

Office and staff


NEPCA Community Volunteers*

In-kind donation

Time and expertise


*Special Acknowledgement of Volunteers

Translation Team:

… coming soon …



Community Program Services Supports:

… coming soon …


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