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NEPCA Community news, 8/26/2020
Free hepatitis B test For the health of you and your family, the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Foundation of Culture Trust Greater Philadelphia (NEPCA) has partnered with the Hepatitis B Foundation to provide free hepatitis B examinations to Philadelphia residents. Hepatitis B is quite common among Asians. Most people with hepatitis B don't know they are infected. Hepatitis B can also be transmitted from mother to child. Some people infected with hepatitis B virus may develop the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer. Therefore, it is very important for you to get a hepatitis B test early.Registration method:(1) Open this link and fill in your information directly: (2) Call in registration 267-603-1161Or (3) Connect to NEPCA WeChat account ‘2158396108’ and provide the following information:English nametelephone numberaddressWeChat (if available)Email/Email (if available)Volunteer will contact you to follow up wit…