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Online location to download application PDF file (good for print out) Word file (good to fill out a soft copy) Please email application to NEPCA.EDU1@GMAIL.COM

Seminar: Introduction to guns ownership, usage safety and responsibilities 6/20/2020

Zoom Online Seminar in Chinese Mandarin:  Program Name: NEPCA Community Online Guest Room  Program content: 1) Community affair  Warning of Money scams,  Philadelphia pipes insurance, Promote Neighborhood watch, town watch. provide info to sign up 2) Main topic Introduction to guns ownership, usage safety and responsibilities keynote speaker:   David Li & Xiaoyan Zhang NRA Certified Instructors Hosted by Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association

Current Works of Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) of Culture Trust (Update 6/9/2020)

Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) is a grassroots community-based non-profit organization under fiscal sponsorship of Culture Trust of Greater Philadelphia, a 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to support Asian American community living in the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhoods achieving cultural, education, and economic advancements and to become contributors of the region.   NEPCA Current activities include (update 6/9/2020) -   Assist people find free food sources during COVID-19 pandemic. Organize food distribution sites. help seniors apply for food delivery.  Assist people in hardship via case work operation, bring food and connect them with services. -  Solicit mast and sanitizer donation for Public Health Center 10, 2230 Cottman Ave. 19149; -  Host neighborhood safety and gun ownership education seminars Ongoing activities and recent accomplishments: 1.        Build communication network in Wechat social media to provide information to
June 9, 2020 NEPCA Community News Last Wednesday, the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) has helped started two new food giveaway points in Mayfair and Oxford Circle community. Thank to Steven Preston Director of Emergency Response of the share food program and Anna Perng from Commissioner on the Mayor's Commission have answered NEPCA’s please for more food giveaway sites for the Lower Northeast immigrant community. NEPCA is based in Northeast Philadelphia; we focus in helping the non-English speaking Chinese immigrants adjust to and work alongside with other Americans to build a strong community. During this pandemic, the term "Chinese-virus" has caused discrimination and hate crime to many innocent Asian all over the world. Pearl Huynh, NEPCA’s president, advocates the local Chinese community to turned fear into efforts in bringing healing. What better way than to show it by supporting the “Food of love” national campaign! Therefore, NEPC

NEPCA Support Public Health Center 10 Initiative


NEPCA's Support Health Center 10 Initiative

NEPCA has set up a support health center Initiative  for the following causes Community News  6/5/2020 Health Center 10 needs masks and sanitizer Public Health Center 10 (HC10) is a low-cost  clinic part of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. It  is currently run out of sanitizer and the staffs have to use a mask for a week. Therefore, it is accepting donation of sanitizer and mask, including Non-medical mask or hand make mask.  Health Center 10 is located at  2230 Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19149. The Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) is seeking large donation of mask and sanitizer for HC10. You can contact Pearl Huynh, Phone: 215-839-6108 / 267-423-3323, Email: . Mailing address: 6331 Shelbourne St., Philadelphia, PA 19111 If you want to contact the health center directly, here is the director's information: Joan Blank,  215-685-0602/0639, email: ; HC10 i

Community Services Update and Health Seminar - Zoom meeting

NEPCA News Release 5/30/2020 Zoom Seminar Program (in Chinese Mandarin): NEPCA Community Online Guest Room Topics: - Synopsis  of NEPCA and its community service partners recent activities. - Health and Wellness presentation: COVID-19 VS Allergy symptoms and immune system cares   Host by Pearl Huynh, Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) Special guests: Stephanie Sun (, Pingho Lee (PCDC), Hong (Chinese Social Media) Keynote speaker: Dr. Zheng Cui (UPENN); Health and Wellness presentation Date: 6/3/2020  7:30pm – 9pm EST Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 862 2375 2689  ======================================================== 東北費城公益協會主办:  费城公益平台会客室 时间: 2020年 6月  3日 (周三) ;     晚上 7:30 – 9pm(EST 美东时间) 节目内容: 主持:黄明珠  Pearl Huynh, 東北費城公益協會会长 1)公益协会及其合作伙伴服务简报和交流費城近期社区服务活动和资讯的摘要 特别嘉宾 孙一, 费城市政府-抗疫新冠,  中文信息发布讲座主办人 李萍好 Pingho Lee (PCDC), 費城華埠發展會每日资源分享主持人 洪跃冰 Hong 华人在美东费城公众号/网站主编 2) 健康专题讲座:  过敏症和新冠感染与免疫功能的调节

Free food sites at Lower Northeast, Update 6-2-2020

Share Food Program has added several free food distribution sites in lower northeast to give out fresh produces. They may not yet show up in the City food map. * These 2 sites work on the same schedule: Every Wednesday, from 10 am; Location 1) Mayfair: 3301 Wellington St., Philadelphia ,PA 19149; Hosted by the Church of Grace to Fujianese; 2) Castor Garden: 6401 Castor Ave., Philadelphia ,PA 19149; Hosted by the Philadelphia Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC); The Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA) is working in partnership with the above hosts and we wish the "Food of Love" bring the love and care to our community in this difficult time. * In addition, this new site opens every Thursday 10 am, has both drive-in and walk-in : 6201 Rising Sun Ave. , 19111 (opposite to St. Williams Church) Hosted by Lawncrest Community Association People do not need make appointment or show ID or proof of income to receipt the food box. It is on a first-come