Contact-Free Food Delivery for seniors and people with disabilities application English - Chinese

为老年人和残障人士提供无接触式免费食物送上门服务 - 翻译表
老年人和殘疾人:  SHARE FOOD PROGRAM 食物分享项目有週六上午10點至中午12點之間為老年人和殘疾人提供免接觸式送食物到家门服務。申请者可以 在此链接填寫网上表格:
东北费城公益协会敬启 5/22/2020
公益协会英文服务站电话215-839-8247;微信 2158396108

Original English                                                                                Chinese translation 中文翻译
·        Contact-Free Food Delivery for seniors and people with disabilities
·        In order to support our more vulnerable neighbors, we are now offering contact-free food delivery directly to homes of Philadelphians.
These deliveries are meant for seniors, people with disabilities, and anyone in a higher risk category for COVID-19.
Please note that due to high demand, filling out this form is not a guarantee that you will receive a delivery. We will be fulfilling orders on a first-come, first-served basis.
Each household may only receive one box of food. The next delivery will be made on Saturday,
[ Saturday, May 30], between 10am and 12pm. If you are able to safely leave your home, we ask that you visit one of our distribution sites on Monday or Thursday, which can be found here:

1.      First and Last Name
2.      Phone Number
3.      We need the phone number of the person receiving the delivery so we can call or text when drivers are on their way
4.      Email Address
5.      This email will be used to notify you of your delivery and to inform you of any future contact-free delivery events
6.      Delivery Date
7.      You may only choose one date at a time. If you would like to sign up for multiple dates, please resubmit the form for each additional selection
8.      Saturday, May 30
9.      Saturday, June 6
10.  Saturday, June 13
11.  Saturday, June 20
12.  Saturday, June 27
13.  Home Address
14.  You must live in Philadelphia to be eligible for a delivery.
15.  Apartment Number (If applicable)
16.  Zip Code
17.  Do you need pet food?
18.  Pet food is only available for the June 6th and June 20th deliveries. We are working with the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in order to provide food for households with pets.

19.  Yes – Cat
20.  Yes – Dog
21.  No

22.  How did you hear about this program?

·       为老年人和残障人士提供无接触式免费食物送上门服务
·       为了帮助我们社区的弱势困难居民,我们现在向住在费城社区的居民提供无接触式食品送上门服务。
每个家庭只能收到一份食物。下一次发放日期将在 [530],(星期六), 时间上午10点至中午12点之间。如果您能够在安全的情况下出门的话,我们希望您能够在星期一或星期四亲自到我们的食物发放站领取食物,您可以在以下网站找到近您家的发放点:
1.     名字和姓氏
2.     电话号码
3.     我们需要领取人的电话号码,以便让我们打电话或发短信给您,告诉您司机正在运送途中
4.     电子邮件地址
5.     该电子邮件将用于通知您食物运送的信息,以及未来无接触式食物发放的活动。
6.     发送日期
7.     每份表格只能选择一个运送日期。如果您想选择多个运送日期,请您为每一个日期提交一个新的表格
8.     530日,星期六
9.     66日,星期六
10.   613日,星期六
11.   620日,星期六
12.   627日,星期六 
13. 住址
14. 您必须住在费城才有资格得到免费食物送上门服务。
15. 公寓号码(如果有)
16. 邮政编码
17. 您需要宠物食品吗?
18. 宠物食品仅适用于66日和620日发货。我们正在与费城动物福利协会(PAWS)合作来为有宠物的家庭提供食物。
19. -
20. -
21. 没有
22. 您是如何得知这个项目的?

Chinese translation by courtesy of Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association (NEPCA.US)