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  Contact-Free Food Delivery for seniors and people with disabilities application English - Chinese 为老年人和残障人士提供无接触式免费食物送上门服务 - 翻译表 老年人和殘疾人:   SHARE FOOD PROGRAM 食物分享项目 有週六上午 10 點至中午 12 點之間為老年人和殘疾人提供免接觸式送食物到家门服務。 申请者可以 在此链接填寫网上表格: 。 因志工缺少,本会未能提供填写服务,不便之处,敬请谅解。 我们附上以下表格内容的中英翻译供您参考,助您自己或家属 帮助填写该表格 。 每周要 重新 上网填写 申请 。 东北费城公益协会敬启 5/22/2020 公益协会英文服务站电话 215-839-8247 ;微信 2158396108 Original English                                                                                Chinese translation 中文翻译 ·          Contact-Free Food Delivery for seniors and people with disabilities ·         In order to support our more vulnerable neighbors, we are now offering contact-free food delivery directly to homes of Philadelphians. These deliveries are meant for seniors, people with disabilities, and anyone in a higher risk category for COVID-19. Please note that due to high demand, filling out this form is not a g

Zoom Seminar: How to Protect Oneself Against COVID 19 Disease, 4/16, 4/17/2020 ; 7:30pm - 9pm

NEPCA Foot Print:  NEPCA hosts a Zoom Seminar on 4/16, 4/17 ; 7:30 - 9pm ; Topic: How to protect oneself against Covid 19 disease Guest speaker: Dr. Zheng Cui from UPENN

Zoom Seminar: How to Deal with Racial Discrimination and Hate Crimes 5/6/2020 2-4p

NEPCA Foot Print: During COVID 19 pandemic, the Chinese community is facing challenges due to the epidemic Challenges such as racial discrimination and hate crimes. NEPCA hosts a seminar about how to effectively seek legal assistance and to nurture a fairer, equal, and friendly environment for ourselves and for the next generation of Chinese Americans.  Abigail Su with lead us to find the correct answer together.   workshop time 5/6/2020 ;  3pm - 4pm